Why is my stomach bloated and hard?

Why is my stomach bloated and hard?

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 IBD includes conditions like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease which can cause abdominal bloating and cramping that can make your stomach feel hard. Diverticulitis, an inflammation and infection of the digestive tract, can also result in bloating and swelling that may make your stomach feel hard.  Abdominal bloating occurs when the abdomen fills with air or gas. This may cause the   The abdomen may also feel hard or tight to the touch. You know the feeling: Your pants feel a bit tight, your belly feels a little too full Most people who think they're bloated because they have gas are just more This is a kind of sugar, and it's harder for your body to break down than other kinds.  It commonly occurs due to a buildup of gas somewhere in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Bloating causes the belly to look larger than usual, and   Abdominal bloating and gas are among the most common digestive These difficult-to-digest carbs are known as FODMAPs, and “these   HARD BLOATED stomach: A bloated stomach is usually the result of eating certain foods and drinks, but in some cases it can be a sign of an  Get the facts on the causes of a distended stomach (abdominal distention).  Bloating is another term that is sometimes used to refer to a swollen belly. H. pylori infection is difficult to eradicate, and treatment is with two or more antibiotics.  What are the symptoms of a bloated stomach? which is often why it's diagnosed late when it's harder to treat, so it's important to be aware of   Weight loss is one of the main warning signs for serious bloating. Severe abdominal pain and bloating that occur suddenly, especially if you   Here are the most common reasons you could be feeling bloat, and of staying sedentary through most of the work day can make it hard for  It's causing an uncomfortable bloated feeling and the perception that you suddenly But the cause of belly bloat is often hard to pin down. Your stomach might feel hard due to abdominal normal muscle tension, constipation or a medical condition You might also feel bloated for the same reason. Abdominal bloating is a symptom that can appear at any age, generally associated with Pains that are due to bloating will feel sharp and cause the stomach to cramp. problem is constipation—infrequent bowel movements, hard stools, or strain during the movements—which causes serious cases of bloating. Since most  Abdominal distension occurs when substances, such as air (gas) or fluid, accumulate in the abdomen causing its expansion. It is typically a symptom of an underlying disease or dysfunction in the body, rather than an illness in its own right. People suffering from this condition often describe it as “feeling bloated”.  Belly bloating is often related to diet—but sometimes more serious conditions could be a factor. Here's what to watch out for.  At MensHealth.com, we spend a lot of time talking about how to get rock-hard abs. But the truth is, having a hard stomach isn't always a good  Fact is, children can absolutely get a distended, bloated belly too–and all the  can lead to painful bowel movements, constipation, and a hard, bloated belly. Find out about how cancer in the food pipe (oesophageal cancer) causes ascites (swollen tummy) as well as what the symptoms are, treatments It contains the stomach, small and large bowel, pancreas, liver, spleen, and kidneys. You might find it difficult to lie flat, it can be more comfortable to sit on a  We often just say we're bloated when we feel full, but for many women, the   Bloating is a condition where your belly feels full and tight, often due to gas. “A lot of   However, your dog's belly is swollen and hard, then these are disconcerting symptoms. The cause of this stomach swelling in dogs can vary,

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