Why do i gain weight in my stomach only?

Why do i gain weight in my stomach only?

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 The medical term for unhealthy fat in the belly is “visceral fat,” which refers to fat  Studies have linked high alcohol intake to weight gain around the middle. ratio and abdominal obesity, including two that were found only in   Gaining weight solely in your stomach may be the result of specific lifestyle choices. The two S's — stress and sugar — play a significant role in the size of your midsection. Certain medical conditions and hormonal changes can contribute to abdominal weight gain.  Food and Midsection Weight Gain The types of food you choose are likely playing a role in your midsection weight gain. Consuming too many refined grains  For women, this can be especially true after menopause, when body fat tends to shift to the abdomen. Yet an increase in belly fat does more than make it hard to  If your waistband is feeling tight, you're not alone – 60 percent of adults carry extra weight in the midsection, according to Kathleen Zelman, RD, MPH. Adult men  Other people are apple-shaped, which means extra weight shows up in the midsection. If you have an apple-shaped body, you may be more prone to gaining   Why is belly fat dangerous? Plate full of sugary foods which may cause belly fat. A poor diet can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and   Belly fat may be stubborn, but here are a slew of research-proven ways to lose it for A little bit of belly fat is actually good for you: it protects your stomach, of alcohol of any type that women drank contributed to weight gain.  The reason you gain weight in your midsection so rapidly and not in, say, yourcalves and forearms is because the adipocytes (or fat cells),   Unintentional weight gain is a common issue that occurs without increasing aren't always the culprit for belly fat and unintentional weight gain, Cushing's syndrome isvery rare and affects only around 1 in 50,000 people. WebMD explains the possible causes of sudden weight gain, when there are   fat while taking steroids — to places like the face, the belly, or the back of the neck. around the time of menopause, but hormones probably aren't the only cause.  Knowing the facts will help you get a flat belly with this plan. much belly fat, and a variety of factors can cause you to get a bigger midsection.  Stress Really Can Make You Gain Weight, Especially in Your Belly  there's a chemical behind those mystery pounds in your midsection – and  If you're gaining weight randomly, even with healthy eating and exercise, and certain cancers can cause abnormal fluid accumulation in the abdomen as well,   The causes of upper belly fat are in most cases proportional to our lifestyle  Weight Gain | 5 Things That Are Causing Your Upper Belly Woes. Visceral fat is a kind of fat that lies between your abdominal walls and organs. The general factors that contribute to upper belly fat are lack of   These “belly bullies,” the foods that cause belly fat, cause to you pack commonly found in baked goods and fried foods, can increase your  It's not only bad for your stomach, but it can also lead to heart disease and stroke. Your genetics prefer storing fat in your stomach area people to overweight people result in weight loss—and the only explanation is  Women might gain weight during menopause, especially around the abdomen, because   What your weight gain trouble spots say about your health  the burn of fatcells and making them more prone to weight gain in the midsection.  Belly fat is known as a visceral fat, meaning it lies deep inside your abdomen

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