50-Minute Full Body STRENGTH WORKOUT | 21-DAY Max Weight Loss System DAY-3

21-Day Fix LeanExtreme fitness & WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM lose up to 15 pounds in just 3 weeks.
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Program: DAY-3 LeanExtreme

BLOCK 1 (Lower Body) 3 rounds
DB Squat to Tap in Alt RL -10 total
DB Alt Reverse Lunge to Dead Lift – 10 total
DB Off Balance Dead Lift to Side Squat -10 total

BLOCK 2 (Upper Body) 3 rounds

DB Front to Lateral Raise – 10 total
Upright Row to Front Rase – 10 total
DB Angels + SA BC Inward – 10 total

BLOCK 3 (full total+abs) 3 rounds

Squat to SA Upper Cut -10 total
DB Burpee to Stand Up + OH Tricep -10 total
DB Decline Push Up to Bear Plank Alt Row -10 total

Legs Swing Over On the back RL
Walking Bridge

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