बच्चों को कब से घी खिलाना चाहिए ? घी किस उम्र मे कितनी मात्रा मे देना है ? Benefits of Ghee for baby

बच्चों को कब से घी खिलाना चाहिए ? घी किस उम्र मे कितनी मात्रा मे देना है ? Benefits of Ghee for baby | Desi Ghee.
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About this Video…..
Dear Parents aaj ki video me hm aapko batane ja rahe hai ki bacho ko kab se ghee khilana shuru karna chahiye. aur sath hi bacho ko kitni matra me ghee dena chahiye.
bacho ko ghee khilane ke fayde.
baccho ko ghee kab se start karna chahiye aur kina khilana chahiye.
bacho ke liye ghee ke fayde………
1. cow ghee for baby massage.
2. bacho ke muh me chale.
3. bache ko kabj ki problem.
4. bache ko hard potty .
5. bache ko sardi khansi.
6. cough and cold babies in hindi.
7. bacho ka vajan kese badaye.
8. bacho ki height kese badaye.
9. bacho ko desi ghee se massage.
Benefits of Ghee for baby…………..



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