Snacking by the Numbers


~ 98% of children and 97% of adults snacked daily in 2006, compared to 74% and 71%, respectively, in 1977.

~ 579 calories adults consumed daily from snacks, 222 calories more than 1977.

~ 27% of a child’s total calories come from snacks.

~ 3 hours (children) and 3.5 hours (adults) between eating occasions, 1 hour less than 1977.

~ 74% of Americans snack in the evening, 57% in the afternoon, and 45% in the morning.

~ $63.7 billion was the revenue of the U.S. snack industry in 2010.

~ Global snack sales totaled $374 billion annually ending March 2014, an increase of 2% year-over-year.

~ Women consume more snacks than men. Nearly one in four women surveyed said they snack three to four times a day. A little less than one in five men do. Women are also more likely to snack while using the phone or tablets during their down time.

~ Both men and women reported satisfying hunger and cravings as their top reason for snacking, but a greater share of women report snacking for stress relief, because of boredom, or as an indulgence.

~ About 17% of people said they are snacking more than they were just one year ago.

~ 25% of people who snack daily do so three to five times a day and 3% report that they are “always snacking.†About 8% say they “always†binge snack, and another 31% do so occasionally.



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